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We've grouped the files into 2 stacks:

For the catalogue and brochures: Stack 1

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For the product family brochures: Stack 2

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Dialux plugin

Using the Ligman plugin product database, you can create your virtual worlds simply and intuitively with DIALux. Document your results in breath-taking, photo realistic visualizations. Delight your customers with artificial light scenarios through which they can glide with wild camera runs. Rely on the CAD data of other architecture programs and re-export your files easily. Ligman is a partner with DIALux software that provides tools for lighting designers or customers to be able to make a simple calculation to 3D visualization and lighting design. Our plugin is available for download directly from our website, or from the DIALux website.


Plugin download

DropBox | archive LIGMAN PlugIn DIALux - 2018-02  (157MB)


*Latest catalogue 6 2018 plugin.

After plugin has been installed, the new data can be updated by using the update button.


DIalux Plugin LIGMAN 2018 c web



Product specification sheets

The product specification sheets provide detailed information on all LIGMAN products in Acrobat PDF documents. You can find the specification sheets by product series inside each of product pages or all product family specification sheets as a ".zip" archive when you logged in.


spec sheet 01 spec sheet 02 spec sheet 03