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A computer mouse is an electronic pointing device that automatically detects two-dimensional movement in relation to a flat surface. This movement is normally interpreted by the computer as the movement of a finger on a screen, which provides a very smooth and convenient control over the various graphical user interface elements of a computer. Most computer users enjoy the use of this device, because it allows them to perform various tasks at the same time, such as browsing the web, printing documents, operating a spreadsheet, navigating the control panel, or using applications.

However, this device has several disadvantages when compared to other electronic devices. For one thing, its mechanical movements are susceptible to human error. This is especially true if a person works on their computer for long periods of time. It can become quite difficult to control your mouse, and when you do, it tends to produce unintentional and unwanted clicks.

A small number of people find this problem annoying, however. For instance, some individuals find that this type of mouse tends to produce very fast and hard to move movements. Others feel that this causes a distraction from the task they were working on, and they are forced to stop what they were doing to do something else. There are also reports that show that some users experience a loss of accuracy when using the computer. These individuals can use special mouse wheels to compensate for this problem, but these wheeled models tend to be expensive.

Computer mice can also cause problems if a person has a slow computer or an old computer that is not able to properly communicate with the monitor. If a person is used to a high-speed computer, using a mouse can cause it to become slow.

It can be frustrating to have a computer mouse that does not work properly. The manufacturer of your computer will usually provide information on how to correct the problem, and this can sometimes include a new mouse. However, sometimes a simple repair can fix the problem without having to buy a new one.

Many computer users simply use mouse stands, as they allow for easy access to the mouse while they are working on the computer. The majority of computer users, however, prefer a more permanent solution. There are mouse pads, which can provide an effective alternative to a standard mouse, and still allow you to easily navigate the computer with the mouse. Because these pads have a built-in base, they require no mechanical parts to be installed.